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         Since 2003, We have provided all kinds of DISPLAY MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS e.g. Digital signage, Videowall, Warroom, Meeting room, IPTV and video on demand ETC. including content production and management services to hundreds of customers in Thailand.

Newest glasses-free 3D technology, CLD Brighter, Livelier, Clearer in every way than many traditional 3D screens. Size starting from 32" to 55"
IP55 IP65 monitor housing for any LCD/LED monitor, air condition or fan cooling, with official IP55/IP65 certificate
streaming anything with wowza streaming server to any devices e.g. iphone, ipad, android phone/tablet, pc, mac and IPTV set top box

Digital Signage

Videowall / Warroom / Multi-Display

IPTV / VOD / Streaming Video

Room Reservation Management

Digital Content Production

System Management Services
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Royal irrigation department
President Palace Hotel
Sunrise Tacos @ CTW
King power duty free